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aya_oomasa's Journal

大政 絢ちゃん ♥
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Community Rules
1) Images up to a width and height of 400px can be posted outside the cut. All embed video/audio have to go under the cut.
2) Only a maximum of 3 pictures are allowed outside the cut.
3) Keep font colours to default, sizes can be adjusted but please do not be too extreme.
4) Request for licensed materials (DVD/CD/Official book scans etc) are NOT ALLOWED.
5) Posting of licensed materials is only allowed at least three months after release date.
6) Please lock all media download posts (Video, audio, scans etc)
7) Please PM estherzax before posting any advertisements/memes

Posts that do not abide by the above rules will be deleted.

Rules may be updated at any time.

Please continue to support Omasa Aya! ^^